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See the beat of the music

Live Music Visualizer
Colourful rhythmic players

AI lyrics, cover and music video

Real-time synced lyrics
High-quality song covers

Listen to music offline

Supports all audio formats
Play smoothly without network

Custom equalizer

With our Professional and user-friendly music
equalizer, help you to get the best sound experience.

More useful features

Floating Lyrics
Let the lyrics float on the desktop and sing along with the music anytime, anywhere.
Volume Booster
Increasing the volume up to 200%, well above your device's maximum system volume.
Sleep Timer
Intelligent detection to turn off the music after falling asleep.
Ringtone Maker
Just one click, you can create ringtones out of songs with your favorite music.
Speed Changer
Slow down or speed up your audio for music practice, dance lesson, language study, etc

What Muso’s users say

Aishwarya Devi Sharma
Definitely deserves a five 🌟. The best music player out there. You can customize the music player style and change the cover of the song. I've been using this for a long time. I highly recommend to check it out.
José Luis García
Its really great, corrects and adds lyrics to the songs without having to edit it yourself from time to time. I really enjoying music with lyrics without internet connection.
Pooja Patel
I rate this app a 5 star why? Because I can change the music sounds and version like studio, party, distant sounds etc. This app is really amazing.✨
Priya Rajput Chaudhary
This app is amazing listening song without any interruption enhancing music experience to the next level is in this app ❤️❤
Harshvardhan Singhania
It gives additionally lyrics of the song it is very impressive and also have perfect integrated platform view. That cool mode is really awesome.✨💓💛🖤